Wood Snowboard in Austin, TX

Not all innovation is helpful for every type of situation. For example, as snowboards continued to advance they become more and more sophisticated for deep snow. That is perfect if you are boarding where the powder is packed deep, but what about if you only have a few inches of snow available to you? Well, all of sudden, those design “enhancements” can end up keeping you from making the most of the moment.

Stardust Boardwerks believes that nothing quite beats wood snowboards in Austin, TX, when it comes to hitting that soft, fresh snow, get out there are truly enjoy as much, or as little, snow Mother Nature gives you.

Why Wood?

The early era, vintage snowboards were all made out of wood. This design’s all-wood edges allow your board to slide all over the ground without grabbing when turning. That is something that metal edges just don’t allow. While a metal edge is perfect when you are boarding across ice, super hard packed areas, including places where rocks or gravel are present, or ski areas that require them, they can also hang up when they dig through the snow into the ground.

Made from nothing but the finest wood, our snowboard design offer you a softer feel with less chance to catch an edge when you are boarding across just a few inches of fresh now. They also thrive in deep, soft powder and varying tight terrains in the back-country, back hills, or the backyard. When you want a more forgiving ride, we recommend you check out our wooden skateboard and snowboard designs you are going to love.

Finding the Right Snowboard Design for Your Style

Choosing your first, or next, wooden snowboard is like choosing a new extension of yourself. It is a process that many people put a lot of time and thought into before finally pulling the trigger and getting their new board mount. This makes sense; when you are gliding over the terrain you want to know that the board under your feet is going to respond to your precise movements and keep you from taking a hard spill.

To help you find that perfect board, our company offers a handful of different handmade, custom wood snowboard designs for you to choose from. We have a lot of faith in the quality of our boards and designs and know that once you get to look at them you are going to fall in love with them too. We encourage you to take a moment to look below and read about our popular Powder Tools and Unit boards or to reach out to us with any questions you have about any of our snowboard gear.

Contact us in Austin, Texas, for more information about the different snowboard designs we offer. We look forward to sending your new favorite board directly to you.



The Powder Tool is a handcrafted powder board with solid wood construction and a twin-tip directional shape. It has wide shovel nose to float in deep snow and a tapered tail for quick turns when it gets tight in the trees. The slightly set-back stance keeps the rider's weight back to keep the nose up in powder but still has enough tail to land switch-stance and ride backwards. This board is a great all-mountain free-ride Powder Tool!

Board Specs:

  • Shape: Directional Twin-Tip
  • Material: 11 ply Baltic Birch
  • Base: Epoxy Clear Coat
  • Top: Spar...

The Unit is a all wood center-stance symmetrical shaped board. This bent wood snowboard has an even sidecut with no taper allowing the board to be ridden regular or switch-stance making the board more predictable for freestyle ridding. It has enough mounting adjustments to be set-up with the bindings further back on powder days for more float when free-riding in deep snow. The universal shape and ride positions make the Unit a great all around board!

Board Specs:

  • Shape: Symmetrical Twin-Tip
  • Material: 11 Ply Baltic Birch
  • Base: Epoxy Clear Coat
  • Top:...